Desarrollo de Software Ronie Salgado Faila E.I.R.L.

A software consulting company dedicated to the development of new software development mechanisms for low-level system programming, real-time 3D graphics and videogames.

Our main company products are the WODEN Engine®, and the Sysmel Programming Language, along with associated tools for supporting these products. In addition to focus in the development of these two products, we also develop additional supporting tools to facilitate the software development experience with the WODEN Engine® and Sysmel. Our company does also provide consulting services to other companies in the Pharo and Squeak ecosystem related to the maintenance of the OpenSmalltalk Virtual Machine, low-level 3D graphics, and software development support tools.

WODEN Engine Logo

An open source 3D graphics engine designed for developing videogames, data visualizations and virtual reality applications.

The focus of the design of the WODEN Engine® is in supporting live programming for providing quick feedback on code changes to developers, and consequently reducing application development times.

The following video contains the WODEN Engine® demo titled "Voyage in the WODANIC" that was presented at ESUG 2019:

WODEN Engine ESUG 2019 Demo

WODEN Engine® and its logo is a trademark registered in Chile at INAPI by Desarrollo de Software Ronie Salgado Faila E.I.R.L.

Sysmel Programming language

The SYStem MEtaprogramming Language, an experimental low-level programming language.

Sysmel is a static typed language with a syntax which is a hybrid between C++ and Smalltalk. In addition to being a static type language, Sysmel has optional support for dynamic typing and a garbage collected runtime without a JIT. Sysmel source files can be compiled completely ahead-of-time (AoT) by using LLVM as its backend for native execution. Sysmel can also be used as a shader language for programming the GPU with a backend that generates Spir-V for Vulkan consumption.

The following video contains an initial demonstration of the usage of Sysmel for developing a simplistic 2D videogame without GC, and debugging it through GDB bindings in Pharo:

Sysmel Short Native Game Demo

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